The EARLY BIRD gets to choose…. and help elect the Cooking Class of your choice!

In an effort to minimize the frustration of cancelled classes due to low enrollment, for many of our classes we'll now offer 3 different class choices for each date.  Please select any or ALL of the classes that interest you!

 ·        The class which receives the most ‘Popular Votes’ will be held on that date. 

        As soon as we have the 6 pr 12 person minimum for any 1 class, we’ll remove the other 2 choices from our calendar date.
         (Anyone else who visits our calendar after that, will see only the ‘winning’ class offered.)

        Once we have the minimum students for a class, we’ll notify you of which class ‘won’!

        Please remember, a minimum 50% deposit is required to hold your space in class.

        We require a credit card to hold you space; however, we may not run that card until you arrive at class.
         (You can bring cash check or card at that time.)

      Your card will not be charged until the class is 'confirmed' - i.e. the student minimum is met - for the class you chose


Remember - please ‘vote’ for any or all of the classes listed that interest YOU!  As in any election, your vote counts!  And if we see that the other 2 classes are also very popular we’ll happily post those classes too, on a later date.




·        Please note that by using this online form you are making a class Reservation Request.

·        Fill out our secure Reservation Deposit form to complete your reservation request.

·        Classes are guaranteed by any major credit card. Please have a credit card handy to make this Reservation Request valid.  

·       Your card will not be charged until the class is confirmed.

 ·       We will get in touch with you shortly to confirm your reservation.

      ·       Your payment is your Reservation.  However, your card will not be charged until we have the minimum 12 people –
                 meaning the class is ‘confirmed’.

·        Reservation Requests are checked frequently throughout the week.  But if you are requesting a class less than 72 hours away,              please  call / text 505-220-7570 so that we can better serve you.

·        We will complete the balance of your payment (i.e. run your card) when you arrive at class. Or you may bring another form of payment – cash, check or card - at that time.

·      Your card will not be billed EXCEPT if we fail to receive a 72 hour cancellation notice.




When you register for a class, you reserve a slot that determines how much food we buy, how much prep time, how many work stations, etc. or help is required. And, you are also counted in the total number of students, which determines whether the class will be held.

·        A full refund will be issued for any class up to seven (7) days prior to the class date. 

·        A class exchange will be made for any class up to three (3) days before the class date.  

·        No refunds, returns, or exchanges will be given three (3) days or less before the class date. 

·        We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule classes. In the event a class is cancelled, all students will be notified and full refunds given.

·        Gift Certificates and Coupons are treated as cash and the same rules apply as stated above.

Cooking Class Locations:

National Restaurant Supply

2513 Comanche NE

Albuquerque, NM  87107

(East of UPS Center at I-25 & Comanche)


Los Altos Golf Course

9717 Copper Ave, NE

Albuquerque, NM 87123

(near I-40 & Eubank)

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