Too busy to shop? Too tired to cook? Bored with eating out?

Take-home meals so you can take it easy!
Enjoy gourmet, Chef Prepared fare - economically!

Born out of requests (okay, demands!) for our most favored, 'tried & true', most requested catering fare, The Divas have created outstanding gourmet Dinners To-Go that truly break the mold!  We've taken packaged gourmet to new heights without sacrificing flavor, taste & ease! 

Here's what our fans are saying:

“Wow!  You knocked that Alabama BBQ Chicken right out of the park!”

“The perfect answer to having a delicious home cooked meal without having to make it”

“Incredibly delicious & savory…leaving me wanting to order again & again”

 “This was the first time I’ve tried Divas Do Dinners & it was DELICIOUS!”

“These definitely aren’t your Mama’s T.V. dinners!”

“I'm totally pleased with everything I've tasted from you so far”

“My wife & I had this incredible dinner last night…so easy to just heat & serve”

“What a value – amazing food & convenient! We’ll be ordering again”

 “It had all the tastes & flavors of a home cooked meal - the pork was so juicy & tasty!”

“Look forward to ordering Divas Do Dinners again this week!”

 “Thank you for bringing such talent to the Land of Enchantment!”

“Putting your number on our speed dial!”

505-220-7570 Call /Text
(online ordering coming soon!)

Packaged & Ready * Easy & Delicious * Pick up or Delivery Save time & Money * Eat Better!

Perfect for busy families, teens on the go, aging parents, working professionals, foodies too-busy-to cook, single parents, wedding or shower gifts, picky eaters!

Finally, the answer to the 5:00 pm question,
"What's for dinner?"

Choose from a variety of amazing entrees
Ancho Rubbed Ribs over South American Corn Cakes
Balsamic Glazed Roasted Chicken over Asiago-Onion Polenta
Island 'Kahlua' Pork over Coconut Jasmine Rice
'Alabama BBQ' Grilled Chicken over Buttermilk Mashers
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables, Grilled
Weisswurst & Spaetzle
Mango-Bacon Cornbread Stuffed Pablanos
over Southwest Baked Beans
(please note: these are 'sample' menus; selections are subject to change so please verify before ordering)

Choose unique sides, desserts or baked goods:
  Company Cream Corn, Sweet Potato 'Hash', Scalloped Pineapple, Maple-Sausage Cornbread Bake, 'Dirty' Rice, Savory Bread 'Pudding', Green Chili Mac & Cheese, Salad Dressing with salad fixin's, Artisan Breads, Summer Peach 'Soup' with pound cake croutons, Breakfast Parfaits, 'Sauced' Pound Cakes, Truffle Brownies and so much more!
(no Plain Jane foods found here!)


Easy 'Take-Home Dinners' so you can take it easy!


IT'S EASY AS 1, 2, 3:

  1. Check out our weekly 'Menu Calendar' for entrees & more
  2. Choose your items & serving size. Call / text / email your order. 505-220-7570 (Online ordering coming soon!)
  3. Pick up at our easy-access, handy-dandy kitchen (at Eubank & I-40) or our Darling Divas can deliver!


  • Exquisite Cuisine
  • Tantalizing Tapas
  • Savory Side Dishes
  • Decadent Desserts
  • 'Sauced' Dessert Cakes
  •  Artisan Breads

    Original Recipes 
    Distinctive Artisan Products
  'Small Batch' Baking
 Putting the FUN back in DysFUNctional....
one meal at a time!

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The Dessert Divas
"...not against the law but they should be! "
  Serving Albuquerque
& Santa Fe


TWO SAVORY MEATLOAFS TO CHOOSE FROM.. our French Country Meatloaf (front) or our Sassy 'Spicey' Meatloaf.  Each come with a sun dried tomato glaze & crunchy bacon topper!  Shown here (in single dinner potions) with sides of: Smoky Calico Beans, Rosemary Roasted Potatoes & Buttermilk Mashers.

THE DIVAS' COMPOSED SALAD... our most requested catered luncheon item
- favorite & unique! Served with Pesto Buttermilk Ranch dressing & tossed tableside!

GOURMET LUNCHES TO-GO... Summer Fruited Roasted Chicken Salad on toasted croissant with Mango-Chutney dress.  Topped with the Divas' Sweet & Sour Pickled onions.

SMALL 'SAUCED' DESSERT CAKES... Drunkin' Lemonade is made with
fresh lemons & whole eggs in a buttermilk cake; glazed with ‘drunken’ lemonade for a citrus 'punch'!

RATTLESNAKE BITES - because life is uncertain, eat Dessert first! Fudge truffle ancho-chili brownies, layered with cream sauce, roasted nuts & topped off with our own spicy pepitas. Winner of 2012 International Scovie Awards 'Sweet Heat' Division & runner up for overall Grand Prize.

ISLAND KAHLUA PORK - slow roasted in banana leaves & pineapple juice then hand shredded.  Served with pan juices over Jasmine Coconut 'sticky' rice.

MANGO-BACON STUFFED PABLANOS... for some unique southwest gourmet!  You'll love this mild but flavorful dish topped with Chipolte Cream Sauce!

ALABAMA BBQ CHICKEN - grilled then marinated in a creamy, tangy sauce & oven-roasted to perfection!  Served over Smoky 5-Bean Bake.  Add a side of 'Damp' Cornbread Muffins to complete your meal!

CREME BRULEE OATMEAL!  Simply amazing... for breakfast or brunch.

ARTISAN BREADS - savory or sweet rustic breads for a wonderful European taste.  Peach Buttermilks (shown) with tub of Honey Butter.

SOUTH AMERICAN CORN CAKES... shown here topped with our award-winnng Texas Chili. Available in 8" pan size.

SAVORY TAPAS... dip into this fabulous Fruited Baked Brie Bread Bowl!  Invite some friends or take along to parties.

LARGE 'SAUCED' DESSERT CAKES... lots of decadent choices. Shown clockwise from bottom: Almond Joy, Drunkin Lemonade, Espresso Fudge. Or try: Orange Ricotta, Drunkin' Gingerbread, Godiva Milk Chocolate Chip, Drunkin' Snickerdoodle.

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